Sapphire Eyes Cover
    MLP:FiM Alt. Universe Human Romance Sex Celestia Luna Main 6 Rarity Twilight

    Sapphire Eyes

    by Monochromatic

    This is a sequel to Crimson Lips.

    Amidst the beautiful and unforgiving city of Canterlot, where prejudice is rampant and passion even more so, two women in love try to find the answer to a very difficult question:

    Selling your body is not the same as selling yourself, but does it matter when everyone else thinks it is?

    1. 0 - Frostfire Arrow 0 - Frostfire Arrow
      2,084 Words 2.1 K Words
    2. 1 - Soul Fire 1 - Soul Fire
      5,146 Words 5.1 K Words
    3. 2 - Tea Cures All 2 - Tea Cures All
      2,625 Words 2.6 K Words
    4. 3 - Ghost of Christmas Past, Present, And Future 3 - Ghost of Christmas Past, Present, And Future
      1,908 Words 1.9 K Words
    5. 4 - Twenty Questions 4 - Twenty Questions
      1,707 Words 1.7 K Words
    6. 5 - The Dreamworld 5 - The Dreamworld
      4,469 Words 4.5 K Words
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