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    Undead and Undiagnosed

    by Monochromatic

    Once upon a time, Rarity the vampire had been a romantic.

    Sadly, centuries of reading mortals’ eye-rolling, over-romanticized depictions of vampires had done away with that. There was nothing poetic or romantic about covertly having to drink blood from kind people, and even less was there anything romantic about it. In her centuries of life, no blood had ever done anything good for her but satiate her hunger. If soulmates were real, the essence of such a thing was certainly not stored in the blood.

    That’s what she thought, at least, right up until she drank from Twilight Sparkle, and suddenly Rarity felt more alive and present than she had in centuries.

    Horrified, and perhaps just a little excited, she finds herself breaking every single carefully constructed rule she has just to see if maybe, just maybe, those dreadfully corny romance writers are onto something.

    1. 1. In Which The Elderly Are Dying
      2,218 Words
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