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      Lenore’s Æ

      An exploration of adulthood, responsibility, romance, and life with a healthy dose of found family set in the universe of The Last Resort (and acting as a self-contained prequel).
    • Hey all! I’m opening commissions for no other reason than I need to pay rent and doing so is much harder since I’ve made writing my job lmao If you’re interested, please fill out this form! I’ll open five slots for now > 0/5 If you’re not interested in a commission, but have been enjoying all the stuff I’ve put out and would like […]
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      Turn your foreign relations personal

      Today happened to be a very important day for Princess Rarity of Equestria. Lady Cadance, the young pegasi ruler of the Crystal Empire, was visiting the castle for the first time that day, which Twilight knew was significant to Rarity for one reason and one reason only:  Lady Cadance was very beautiful, and Rarity very clearly wanted to fawn all over her.  “Do you think she’ll like me?” Princess Rarity asked dreamily for the tenth time that hour, lying on her bed and admiring an…
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      Diplomacy 101

      Rarity has a plan, as flawless and beautiful and as perfect as she is: The sovereign Mi Amore Cadenza has planned a visit, and with it an opportunity to capture her heart. There’s only one small problem with this plan.
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      Is that an asymptote in your pocket

      Making her way downtown, trotting fast, Rarity was Golden Oaks-bound. A saddlebag bounced at her side, reminding her with every thump of the heavy book inside it.  She knew she should have said “no, thank you” when Twilight insisted she took it home to read. She knew she would hate it—really, who would like a risqué romance book titled Calculust except for Twilight?—but she’d been too polite to say no and so now there she was. Returning it that same day, the word “tangenitals” seared…
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      Perpendicular Curves

      Twilight offers Rarity a book. Rarity really wishes she’d turned it down.
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      The BEST roommate

      In Rainbow Dash’s humble opinion, it was very cool for Fluttershy that they were now roommates. Sure, it sucked that the cottage was under renovation due to some freak firestorm, but until that was fixed, Rainbow was determined to make sure her dear friend lived the GOOD life.  We probably need more furniture, Fluttershy had suggested, which Rainbow didn’t understand—what else would you need besides a fridge, a sleeping bag, a chair, and a TV—but she wasn’t about to say no to her…
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      And They Were Roommates

      Rainbow Dash is the best roommate, and Fluttershy is about to experience how best she is.