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    Mario Kart Fundraising Stream 4 Mono

    Starting now!!! —- Hi everyone! Because of an oversight, my roommates and I find ourselves in a position where in July-ish we will need to pay basically double rent, which I cannot currently afford right now without basically draining all my savings and putting me and my roommates in serious jeopardy. Essentially, we need to pay rent for both our old place and a …

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    • Slices of Life

      Collection of drabbles set both in MLPverse and The Last Resortverse. Updates every Monday with the drabbles from last week!
    • Chosen Birthday

      On a relatively pleasant day, Rarity comes to a TERRIBLE realization: she has no idea when Princess Twilight’s birthday is! Set during Act II of TEL. Cover art by TerminalHash !
    • In The Dead Of The Night

      It was always worse at night.  When things were quiet, and Pinkie had left, Incantation was asleep, and all the company she had were her own thoughts. The thoughts that haunted her when she had nothing else to do, when she couldn’t force herself to sew anymore, or read, or…  I miss Twilight. Vignettes set during the two years in between TEL and TEK […]
    • Graveyard

      Commissioned sequel of Eyes So Dark In an attempt to relieve her boredom as a prisoner, Rarity convinces Empress Andromeda to let her tag along on a trip to an abandoned town–a town Rarity will discover is a graveyard in more ways than one.
    • Helping Mr. Zar

      When Twilight Sparkle brought the human internet to Equestria, among the many consequences, there was one she hadn’t anticipated: Princess Celestia falling for e-mail scams.
    • Hurt Fillings

      The gang take Rainbow Dash to the park, but it’s not the park. It’s the dentist!

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