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      Shopping Cover
      by Monochromatic She waited two hours for me. Swinging under the moonlight, her feet kicking off the ground, every back and forth in rhythm with the seconds ticking by. Two long, bloody hours. We’d only been friends for, what, two months or so, maybe? Two measly months, and she waited two hours for me in the cold. She probably would have waited all night. A Sapphire session had gone on longer than I’d anticipated. I’d done my usual tactic of, shall we say, quietly exaggerating my performance so as…
      MLP:FiM • Alt. Universe • Human • Romance • Sex • OC • Rarity • Rift Shield • Sunset Shimmer • Twilight
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      Theory and Practice

      Theory and Practice Cover
      by Monochromatic For as long as she could remember, Twilight Sparkle regretted never having kissed Sunset Shimmer. It was a thought that had always lived in her mind, buried for months and months until some silly little detail would force it to resurface, and she’d find herself thinking about her childhood crush, her childhood mistake, and the silly regret of never having taken the plunge. What if she had kissed Sunset at the train station? Or at the swings? How many kisses would they have shared if Twilight had…
      MLP:FiM • Alt. Universe • Human • Romance • Sex • Sunset Shimmer • Twilight
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      Strangers Passing By

      Strangers Passing By Cover
      by Monochromatic I met him in the inner-city train station. It wasn’t anywhere romantic. It wasn’t at a park under the stars, nor was it at my favorite restaurant in the Dragon District, and it certainly wasn’t on a bench. It was eleven in the morning, I think. I’d just finished my monthly visit to the doctor and was on my way back, pushing my way into a crowded train. Admittedly, I was exhausted. I’d not slept well for weeks, and it was always around that time of the year that my illness reminded me of its…
      MLP:FiM • Alt. Universe • Human • Romance • Sex • Celestia • Rarity • Sunset Shimmer • Twilight
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      Okay, She Eventually Said

      Okay, She Eventually Said Cover
      by Monochromatic In her entire life thus far, Twilight Sparkle’s heart had twice been crushed by a girl she loved. When Twilight Sparkle was a young girl, she had a friend called Sunset Shimmer. A brilliant, talented child with a personality as fiery as her hair. Sounds familiar, no? Our dear mage has a type. From ages eight to fifteen, Twilight and Sunset were inseparable. Their every day, every thought, every moment interwoven and dependent on each other like the sun was to the moon. It is important to note,…
      MLP:FiM • Alt. Universe • Human • Romance • Sex • Sunset Shimmer • Twilight
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      Crimson Lips

      Crimson Lips Cover
      by Monochromatic Amidst the beautiful and unforgiving city of Canterlot, where prejudice is rampant and passion even more so, two women forge an unlikely bond and explore the answer to a simple question: is selling your body the same as selling yourself?
      MLP:FiM • Alt. Universe • Humanized • Mature Themes • RariTwi • Romance • Sex • Celestia • Luna • Main 6 • Rarity • Sunset Shimmer • Twilight