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    Cover of Crimson Lips
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    Crimson Lips

    by Monochromatic

    Amidst the beautiful and unforgiving city of Canterlot, where prejudice is rampant and passion even more so, two women forge an unlikely bond and explore the answer to a simple question: is selling your body the same as selling yourself?

    Humanized AU which is being reworked to be original! Stay tuned for that.

    1. 1. End’s Beginning and The Carriage that took us there
      822 Words
    2. 2. The Mansion
      2,590 Words
    3. 3. The Little Girl
      2,424 Words
    4. 4. Empty Cups and Empty Chairs
      901 Words
    5. 5. In Loving Memory
      1,192 Words
    6. 6. A Fancy Fleur
      2,160 Words
    7. 7. Redwood Grass
      1,314 Words
    8. 8. The Class
      2,942 Words
    9. 9. The Fairy in the Garden
      1,685 Words
    10. 10. The Third Big Question
      1,189 Words
    11. 11. Living After Death
      2,087 Words
    12. 12. Leap of Faith
      7,402 Words
    13. 13. A Reflection on God
      319 Words
    14. 14. The Art of Polite Conversation
      8,153 Words
    15. 15. Mothers
      1,239 Words
    16. 16. The Holiday Dinner – Part I
      7,392 Words
    17. 16.2 The Holiday Dinner – Part II
      11,429 Words
    18. 17. Black Coffee
      1,764 Words
    19. 18. On Goblins and Lies
      5,203 Words
    20. 19. Shimmer Glass
      1,332 Words
    21. 20. The Bridge of Empty Promises
      2,258 Words
    22. 21. 👄
      4,026 Words
    23. 22. ‘Til The Streets Bleed Like Our Hearts
      8,855 Words
    24. 23. Sick Children
      679 Words
    25. 24. Gloves Left in Drawers
      2,642 Words
    26. 25. The Woman
      1,137 Words
    27. 26. All Writers Love Tuberculosis
      1,374 Words
    28. 27. Okay, She Eventually Said
      769 Words
    29. 28. Strangers Passing By
      1,730 Words
    30. 29. Extinguished
      1,410 Words
    31. 30. Theory and Practice
      2,876 Words
    32. 31. Shopping
      3,131 Words
    33. 32. Meetings In Taverns
      1,923 Words
    34. 33. Assembly
      1,736 Words
    35. 34. The Price Of A Mistake
      5,795 Words
    36. 35. The Little Dragon
      8,186 Words
    37. 36. Come What May
      6,793 Words
    38. Epilogue
      366 Words
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