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    Commissions Open

    Hey all!

    I’m opening commissions for no other reason than I need to pay rent and doing so is much harder since I’ve made writing my job lmao

    If you’re interested, please fill out this form!

    I’ll open five slots for now > 0/5

    If you’re not interested in a commission, but have been enjoying all the stuff I’ve put out and would like to support me any other way, please consider becoming a member on ko-fi! The only reason I’ve been able to post so much is because this is my job, so supporting me helps ensure it stays that way and I can keep posting good content frequently!

    My highest tier, The Omega Tier, also has so you can submit prompts every month, and I try to do as many as I can throughout the month. They’re usually like 1k but SOMETIMES THEY’RE 9K (my recent bodyguard!au story was an omega tier prompt) so you can get a lot of bang for your buck!

    Thanks again for your support! <3




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