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    • Hey all! I’m opening commissions for no other reason than I need to pay rent and doing so is much harder since I’ve made writing my job lmao If you’re interested, please fill out this form! I’ll open five slots for now > 0/5 If you’re not interested in a commission, but have been enjoying all the stuff I’ve put out and would like […]
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      Incantation’s Dilemma

      When Incantation gets wind of a stallion wanting to ask her out, she has no choice but to go to Rarity and Pinkie and help her not freak out about it.
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      A Request

      Princess Luna still found immense comfort in the dream realm. As much as it excited her to be able to actually discover and move around New Equestria, her home—beyond wherever Pinkie was—was the dream realm and all its wonders—the one place she truly felt belonged to her.  But on that night, as she entered her realm, surrounded by thousands of multi-colored doors, she knew something was different.  Namely, that she was not alone.  With a spark of magic, the scenery around her…
    • Chapter

      The Curious Visitor

      “Now breathe in… and hold for five. One… Two… Three…” Sitting in the middle of the Boutique’s living room, Princess Twilight Sparkle did as Fluttershy instructed, breathing in and holding for five seconds, one of the many meditation techniques they’d been practicing for the past few days.  When she breathed out, she opened her eyes to find the pegasus smiling proudly at her.  “Very good, Princess! How do you feel?”  “Good!” Twilight…
    • Hi everyone! As it turns out, our e-mail notification system has just… been having a lot of issues, so there’s a chance a bunch of you just haven’t gotten any updates in a looong time! It’s maybe fixed now so hopefully you’re reading this! I pinged every single category so we can reach as many people as we can. If you’re one of the […]
    • Hi everyone! First I wanted to say thank you to everyone who reached out during my last blogpost. I haven’t been able to reply to everyone, but know I read everything, and it meant more than any of you can know. I felt so f*cking alone, and all of you plus everyone who came to see me at EFNW reminded me that… that I […]
    • Hi everyone! I was on the fence about writing this, but enough people have asked here or on Twitter about my lack of activity, so I thought I should try and write something. Originally I didn’t want to because I felt bad that here was another blogpost explaining the shit I’m going through, but didn’t I leave Fimfiction so I wouldn’t feel that way […]
    • The proofs for the TEL books finally came in, and they look GREAT!!! Can’t wait for peeps to be able to hOLD THEM TOO!!!!! Covers were done by lilfunkman c: