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      The Great Big Vast

      When Sophia was a child, she and her mother would have Sunday morning picnics at a park near their home. They would sit under the shade of a big oak tree and lay out a green picnic mat with yellow polka dots. Once they were both sitting down, her mother would make a great show out of presenting Sophia with her meal, which usually consisted of either pasta or a sandwich. She would get a store-bought cookie if she’d been especially good that week.  Her mother, on the other hand, always ate tuna.…
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      Lenore’s Æ

      An exploration of adulthood, responsibility, romance, and life with a healthy dose of found family set in the universe of The Last Resort (and acting as a self-contained prequel).
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      The Last Resort

      Finding herself at the end of her rope, the broke and directionless Sophia Majorelle decides to take a skeevy job offer to work at a hotel she’s never heard of.
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      Of Bridges and Buses

      We are all stories in the end.  Your heart will stop, your breath will cease, your flesh will rot, but your story? It will live on and on, in the memories of those around you, in the dozens upon dozens of little echoes you left in your old apartment, in the corner of the local bar, in the scars you left while living on Earth.  Two people sit at a bus stop. What they look like isn’t important. Neither are their names.  The one on the left holds a paper in their left hand, the thin…
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      The Curious Case of the Missing Bowties

      Halloween time has arrived to The Last Resort! Unfortunately, this means many ridiculous fake skeletons in ridiculous costumes.