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      Couple’s Therapy (ft. Luna, Twilight, ???, ???)

      Tranquil Heartmender, also known as the disguised therapist form of Princess Luna, prepared herself for today’s clients. All she knew was that they were requesting extreme privacy (she didn’t even know who they were) and that it was a couple going through a rough patch. Three knocks at the door startled her. She glanced at the clock on the wall. Five minutes early? “Come in!” she called. The door opened, and Luna forced herself not to react when who walked in but Twilight Sparkle…
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      Liar, Liar (ft. Twilight, Rarity)

      The unicorn duo sat across from each other, two glasses of flavored soda water in front of them. “Twilight Sparkle,” said Rarity, not a hint of compassion in her voice, “you are lying to me.” “I am not,” insisted Twilight. “It was great!” Rarity raised an eyebrow. “And you’ve done it again. More lying.” Twilight locked eyes with her marefriend. “Rarity. Please, I’m telling you. I liked it.” Rarity contemplated her for one, two, three seconds. Her horn glowed, and…
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      Slices of Life

      Collection of drabbles set both in MLPverse and The Last Resortverse.
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      Family Therapy (ft. Celestia, Luna)

      The pink pegasus Tranquil Heartmender was slowly becoming a prominent therapist in Canterlot. It wasn’t just because of her very affordable rate of one bit an hour, but mostly because she was very good at her job. Which made sense considering her actual name was Princess Luna and her actual job was essentially dream therapy. She just felt sometimes ponies needed to, well, actually be awake and remember her teachings to improve, and also she liked acting like a common pony. Currently, however, she…
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      Chosen Birthday

      On a relatively pleasant day, Rarity comes to a TERRIBLE realization: she has no idea when Princess Twilight’s birthday is!
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      In an attempt to relieve her boredom as a prisoner, Rarity convinces Empress Andromeda to let her tag along on a trip to an abandoned town–a town Rarity will discover is a graveyard in more ways than one.
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      Helping Mr. Zar

      When Twilight Sparkle brought the human internet to Equestria, among the many consequences, there was one she hadn’t anticipated:
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      Hurt Fillings

      The gang take Rainbow Dash to the park, but it’s not the park. It’s the dentist!