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    • The Dreamworld

      Sapphire Eyes
      Dear friend, I know what you're thinking.  You're thinking I'm rather insane, weaving a story that has more threads than any of my dresses, yet is bound to unravel with a single pulled thread.  Celestia and Sapphire Snow.  Twilight Sparkle and Rarity.  Two stories that seem distant but, I'm convinced, are intertwined in a way where one cannot exist without the other. So bear with me, please. Trust me, as you always have, and let us continue, shall we? Let us, for now,…
    • Frostfire Arrow

      Sapphire Eyes
      His breathing was still heavy, even though it had been at least five minutes since they’d finished. This didn’t surprise the slender twenty year old lying in bed next to him, her long black hair a ruffled mess. She was good at what she did. Even though she’d been distracted the entire time, even though her thoughts had been elsewhere—specifically, with Her—she’d still put on a rather fantastic show, accompanied by the… admittedly his not very appealing symphony of…
    • Acknowledged

      "I read in a book today," Fluttershy said, once, sitting on her cottage's floor as she brushed Angel's coat, "that you can pinpoint somepony's entire personality to a single or a few defining childhood events." "I can agree with that," Rarity had replied, idly lying on her friend's couch as she waited for the clock to strike three and she'd leave to meet Twilight for a picnic-date.   "Really? What were yours?" When Rarity was little, her mother once helped her make a care package for…
    • don’t know how you even see

      You can think againWhen the hand you wanna hold is a weapon andYou're nothin' but skin Her eyes.  It was her eyes that scared Rarity. Angry. No, not only angry. There was something else to them, something deeply upsetting that Rarity couldn’t figure out. But it—whatever it was—was there, lurking and hissing, and keeping the unicorn up at night.  Which wasn’t hard when she was already a… forced guest of the gaudiest, darkest castle she’d ever seen in her life. Dark…
    • On Goblins and Lies

      Crimson Lips
      If I had known… If I had known things would take that turn, that our relationship would fragment in such a way, I would have never allowed myself to be content with just one kiss. She always consumed my thoughts, this is painfully true, but it was not the same after that date at the café. Where once I saw a future, now I saw myself clutching the remains of a fading dream. Twilight Sparkle knew who I was, and it frightened me to realize it was my turn to find out exactly who she was.…
    • End’s Beginning and The Carriage that took us there

      Crimson Lips
      My lips glistened with a rather costly lipstick—my very own blood. It trickled down my mouth, down my chin and a droplet fell on her shirt. The noises around us faded from my mind. They became distant, so very distant, and all that mattered was her. Her, as she held me, and her, now stained with my life’s pulse liquefied. Her thin, weak arms of a scholar surrounded me, so different and distinct than those of the many men and women that had claimed my body before. The curtains fell. In the…
    • Soup

      Neither of them spoke. Only the town did. It coughed through a stallion walking past them, his body wrapped in layers of warm clothes. It sang through the three carolers standing outside the restaurant’s gates, ignoring the annoyed glances coming from nearby patrons. It cried and laughed and lived through the endless symphony created by ponies living their lives that December afternoon. But it was quiet when it came to Twilight Sparkle and Sweetie Belle. There they sat on an outside table, as…
    • The Mansion

      Crimson Lips
      As she stepped out of the carriage and onto the gray driveway, my dear beloved laid her eyes on Lady Celestia’s mansion for the very first time. In person, that is. She’d seen it before in photographs, and once in a fantastic illusion conjured by the Lady herself upon visiting the Sparkle family house. A mesmerizing show of sorcery and projection, and soon enough, a young girl was staring in awe at a dollhouse-sized three-dimensional building. It was the day magic and knowledge became her…