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      A quiet conversation

      A quiet conversation Cover
      by Monochromatic “You have one hour before you die,” he said, staring out the window and into the night sky. He snapped his thin fingers and a clock appeared before him. “Actually, you have one hour, five minutes and thirty-two seconds.” “Why! That’s not a lot,” noted Mayor Mare from her bed, tucked under covers that had always kept her warm. She blinked at him. “And you are?” He smiled. “Death,” he said, wanting to change up the answer to a question he’d been asked thrice already. He wasn’t…
      MLP:FiM • Death • Slice of Life • Discord • Mayor Mare
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      Without a Hitch

      Without a Hitch Cover
      by Monochromatic All Mayor Mare wants is for everything to go perfectly. Her death is no exception.
      MLP:FiM • Death • Slice of Life • Discord • Mayor Mare
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