• Story

      A Deadly Encounter

      Private investigators and romantic partners Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle have just one small problem when it comes to taking down the city’s most famous cat burglar, Lady Gemstone A.K.A. Rarity Belle. Namely, she really likes to flirt.
    • Chapter

      It’s Always In Alleys

      Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle had been the best detectives in town for as long as it mattered. Which was from the second they’d got their start at the Celestial Private Detective Agency, obviously. All the detectives before they got there were good-for-nothings so screw ‘em.  And yet.  And yet, despite being a dynamic duo consisting of the coolest and smartest private eye ever and also Twilight Sparkle—who was cool and awesome in her own way—their career was in…