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      The Enchanted Kingdom

      The Enchanted Kingdom Cover
      by Monochromatic It’s easy to think about fairytales when you’re an ancient alicorn trapped in a library for centuries on end. It’s easy to wonder how one would go about rescuing you, to think and devise and plot out how to free you in a blaze of glory, intrigue, adventure, and romance. Or, rather, it’s easy until suddenly it happens and you’re forced to ask yourself the one terrifying question you’d yet to consider. Now what?
      MLP:FiM • Alt. Universe • Drama • Romance • Discord • Luna • Main 6 • Rarity • Twilight
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      The Enchanted Carousel

      The Enchanted Carousel Cover
      by Monochromatic Once upon a time, there was a mare who did not believe in fairytales, and a very different mare who did not believe in herself. Their lives intertwined, weaving together a fairytale like no other, filled with chaos and love, friends and enemies, adventures and tragedies. A fairytale they felt would last forever. But it couldn’t.
      MLP:FiM • Adventure • Alt. Universe • Romance • Discord • Main 6 • Rarity • Twilight
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      A Change of Plan

      A Change of Plan Cover
      by Monochromatic It had been one week since Discord had awoken from his sleep, forty years since he’d gone to said sleep, over six hundred years since the deal had been struck, and a little over a thousand years since… Well, everypony knew that part, didn’t they? And it just so happened that today of all days was the day—or night, specifically. The one to remember! To celebrate! Where ponies of all ages played his game. Princess-Seeking Night. For this particular Seeking Night, he’d chosen to visit…
      MLP:FiM • Adventure • Alt. Universe • Romance • Discord • Sweetie Belle
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      A quiet conversation

      A quiet conversation Cover
      by Monochromatic “You have one hour before you die,” he said, staring out the window and into the night sky. He snapped his thin fingers and a clock appeared before him. “Actually, you have one hour, five minutes and thirty-two seconds.” “Why! That’s not a lot,” noted Mayor Mare from her bed, tucked under covers that had always kept her warm. She blinked at him. “And you are?” He smiled. “Death,” he said, wanting to change up the answer to a question he’d been asked thrice already. He wasn’t…
      MLP:FiM • Death • Slice of Life • Discord • Mayor Mare
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      Without a Hitch

      Without a Hitch Cover
      by Monochromatic All Mayor Mare wants is for everything to go perfectly. Her death is no exception.
      MLP:FiM • Death • Slice of Life • Discord • Mayor Mare
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