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    • Chapter

      A call for help

      by Monochromatic ‘Twas the morning before Hearth’s Warming, when all through the town, ponies ran out, doing shopping they’d forgotten about. The chatter filled the air, and the laughing did as well, of mares and stallions, colts and fillies, preparing their day for a wonderful eve. A beautiful town this was. But we don’t care about this town. Well, not yet, at least! Our holiday story starts somewhere decidedly less pleasant. It starts in a snowstorm and with a poor little mailmare desperately…
      MLP:FiM • Adventure • Slice of Life • Daring Do • Derpy
    • Story

      The Last Hearth’s Warming Letter

      by Monochromatic The day before Hearth’s Warming, Daring and Ditzy Doo are tasked with a crucial mission: rescuing somepony before the dinner is over.
      MLP:FiM • Adventure • Slice of Life • Daring Do • Derpy