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      The Flower of the North

      The Flower of the North Cover
      by Monochromatic A zebra, a stallion, and a manticore walked into a bar. The bar in question went by the name of Torramund and could be found in the small town bordering Eventide Isle. The decrepit yet inviting establishment had been home to many a drunkard throughout the years, and its elderly bartender had heard more secrets and confessions than most priests had in their entire lifetimes. The bartender, Tundra Leaf, was of zebra origins. Though she was born in Equestria, she had lived in the Undiscovered West most…
      MLP:FiM • Adventure • North Ridge
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      North Ridge’s Debt

      North Ridge’s Debt Cover
      by Monochromatic A stallion, a zebra, and a manticore walk into a bar. Years later, only a stallion does.
      MLP:FiM • Adventure • North Ridge