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    Lenore’s Æ

    by Monochromatic

    An exploration of adulthood, responsibility, romance, and life with a healthy dose of found family set in the universe of The Last Resort (and acting as a self-contained prequel, meaning you don’t need to read TLR to understand this).

    1. I. darling, don’t you cry
      4,626 Words
    1. State of the Mono: I Survived + Future Projects: Hey all! I’m sitting right now at the local Hookah lounge I’ve been frequenting for about two months now, and I’m feeling like a personal…
    2. Little Mono Update: Hi everyone, Wanted to make a blogpost because enough folk have asked if everything is okay with me since I haven’t posted in a while. The short of it is…
    3. Commissions Open: Hey all! I’m opening commissions for no other reason than I need to pay rent and doing so is much harder since I’ve made writing my job lmao If…


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