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    • Hi everyone! I was going to make a blogpost apologizing for not writing this year because this year was the worst of my life, and I had to basically spend a year doing the most brutal, hardest metaphorical spring cleaning I’ve ever done of my Entire Self. But then I realized, actually, I don’t want to do that, and instead I want to do…

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      The Council Has Arrived (Fashionably Late)

      by Monochromatic Once upon a time, Twilight Sparkle did what could be called a pretty severe ‘oopsie’ and created a multidimensional space where ponies from across all universes could meet up. What was initially considered the precursor to the end of the known universe soon became a happy accident when it was determined the space-time continuum would not collapse, and thus ponies across dimensions could meet repeatedly without consequence. Among the many councils that were formed after the joining of the universes…
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      In Which Trixie talks to Rarity

      by Monochromatic Once upon a time, Rarity the unicorn decided she really needed to finish the dress she’d been working on. She’d been putting it off for days now, mostly because the client had asked for neon-green and neon-brown as primary colors, and there was only so much pain she could take on a daily basis.  Come now, darling, she thought while trotting down the stairs. The sooner you’re rid of it, the sooner you can go bleach your eyes.  Jumping over the last few steps with a little air of…
      Comedy • RariTwi • Slice of Life • Trixie Lullamoon
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      On Romantic Universal Constants

      by Monochromatic I. This is a story about soulmates.  ...No, that’s not accurate, is it? No, this is a story about the concept of soulmates.  It is a story about destiny, traveling to far-off lands, meeting and knowing yourself, about silly dates and silly thoughts, and, like any good story, it starts with moi.  Or, more specifically, an alternate universe version of myself. Apparently, there’s more than one.  “This is a disaster! A disaster, I tell you!” Though…
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      Agitation (ft. Celestia and Luna)

      by Monochromatic "Sister." Luna took a deep breath, trying her best to navigate what could easily be a terrible conversation. "Is there something you wish to speak of?" From across the breakfast table, Celestia blinked. "What do you mean, Luna?" Luna cleared her throat. "I sense…" Careful, Luna, careful. "I sense something is amiss with you. An agitation deep within you. An agitation that should be dealt with as it may… surface in unwelcome ways." Celestia frowned. "Agitation? I'm perfectly fine," she replied.…
      MLP:FiM • Comedy • Celestia • Luna
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      Marriage Intervention (ft. Mane6, and the Factual Canon Twilight ship)

      by Monochromatic Twilight Sparkle looked beautiful in her white wedding dress, her mane held back with a beautiful floral arrangement. She looked like a dream, frankly, even despite the great frown marring her face. Her friends surrounded her, sporting equally great frowns. “Twilight,” Rarity pleaded, so opposed to the wedding she didn’t even bother to wear a dress. “You can’t do this. There is still time to call this off! Please.” Twilight didn’t deign Rarity with a look. She just stared at the…
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      by Monochromatic Twilight had been sitting in the corner by herself for about thirty minutes now, wide-eyed and staring at the chessboard atop a nearby table. “Wow,” she said for the fifth time in two minutes. “Wow.” Sitting a few ways away, a concerned Applejack and Fluttershy observed her, whispering amongst each other. “Look at her,” said the farmer. “I’ve never seen her like this.” Fluttershy gulped. “I know… Rarity really did… a good job…?” Applejack laughed. “Good job? She…
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      Double Date Surprise (ft. RariTwi, AppleDash)

      by Monochromatic “Geez, I can’t wait to get there,” Rainbow Dash said, leading Applejack, Rarity, and Twilight toward the place she’d chosen for their double date. “I’m starving!” She looked back to her marefriend and two friends. “How are you girls doing?” “I’m plenty hungry, hun” Applejack said, offering her marefriend a smile. “Where are ya’ taking us again?” “It’s supposed to be a surprise!” Rainbow exclaimed, sticking her tongue out. “I’m totally going to blow last…