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      The Memory That Haunts

      The Memory That Haunts Cover
      by Monochromatic If Rarity had learned anything from her many experiences with painful goodbyes, it was that the faster one could get them over with, the better.  While years ago, she might have reveled in the fuss and the excitement and the poetic pang of things coming to an end, now she just wanted to avoid it all. It would be easier this way. No fuss, no hassle, departing at the crack of dawn and leaving behind nothing but a letter. Very efficient, she’d said when pitching it to Twilight.  And yet, as she…
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      The Hollow Shades Conspiracy

      The Hollow Shades Conspiracy Cover
      by Monochromatic For the first time in centuries, or perhaps even since its founding, the town of Hollow Shades closed its doors to visitors. Dozens and dozens of royal guards were posted around the town’s forested entrances, politely keeping outsiders out and explaining that the large domed barrier visible for miles was currently being investigated.  Thank you for understanding, they’d say. Everything is fine. Hollow Shades will be open to visitors soon.  Ordinarily, a statement of this sort would…
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      not even death do us part

      not even death do us part Cover
      by Monochromatic Though the path to the underworld was arduous and long, Twilight Sparkle traveled it regardless.  It wound through endless gray, under a black cavern roof beyond the reach of any light, like a night sky shorn of stars. Bare rock walls pressed in, gray with age and with the specters that lined the passageways. She saw ponies of all tribes, all ages, all classes, colorless as the world they now dwelled in, all equal and the same in death. They spared her dull glances, little else. Here and there,…
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      At The Edge Of The End

      At The Edge Of The End Cover
      by Monochromatic North Ridge typically wasn’t one to hesitate, but in this case, he couldn’t help it. From under the shade of a tree, he observed the nearby sleepy town of Willow’s Bend, for once bustling with life and activity. How could it not, after all, when it was their turn to know the truth that had lurked in Equestria’s shadows for millennia? And yet, he hesitated, even if all reason contended he would have found out the truth one way or another. It was simply inevitable that even if he’d never…
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      from ponyville

      from ponyville Cover
      by Monochromatic Art, in all its forms, was a deeply personal experience, Rarity found.  Twilight and she discussed the matter once as they talked about a book. The idea of whether one can separate the creator from what’s been created. There were some things they agreed one could do such a thing with, such as scientific matters, for example.  If one were to create a mathematical equation or theorem or something of the sort, no matter who they were or what their life experiences were, the result would…
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      remark Cover
      by Monochromatic Rarity was a fish in a small pond.  No one in Ponyville cared about clothes, not really. Sometimes they wore them, sure, especially for Seeking Night, but beyond that, she’d always known she was niche. She dreamed of making it in Manehattan or Canterlot one day, where more ponies cared for such things, and she’d be famous and great, but back then, all she wanted was to share.  And she was good at it, too, which is relevant but not to build her up or put anyone down.  It was just a fact,…
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      for the love of the craft

      for the love of the craft Cover
      by Monochromatic Ponies told her she was silly. She lived in Ponyville. A little town in the middle of nowhere, inhabited by simple folk who did not wear or care about clothes in the least. To try and sell clothes to them would be akin to trying to sell food to a rock. But she didn’t care, because she was a designer, and clothes were her medium. She’d had a few successful sales before—small ones, as she was not a very good designer back then—but it wasn’t about the money or the success or any such…
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      clinging to life

      clinging to life Cover
      by Monochromatic people pleaservariants or less commonly people-pleaser |ˈpē-pəl-ˈplē-zər a person who has an emotional need to please others often at the expense of his or her own needs or desires Dear friend. I would like to tell you a story of a pony named Rarity. My name is not important, nor is my identity, but as the one telling the story, I can't pretend my influence won't be present. I will make observations here and there, and perhaps wax poetic at times, but my goal here is to present a…
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