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    Crimson Lips is live again

    Hey all!

    I KNOW I KEEP TAKING THIS OFF AND ON, but because of an incident back in June, work on new Crimson has stalled a bit, and I’ve had enough new folk ask and be unable to read it that I just… I don’t care anymore for now. Crimson will stay up on this website until I’m done reworking the new story

    ((which is supporter accessible, by the way! new chapters of the original reworked will be given to supporters as they’re written, if that’s something that interests you).

    Additionally, I’m going to start actively working on the first draft of the sequel, Sapphire Eyes, which will have the first few chapters rewritten to be original from the get go and I’m just going to be working on the sequel off and on because i really want to work on it lol. The sequel will, unfortunately, be like new Crimson and only be available to supporters for now, though.

    Anyway, yeah!

    happy holidays!!!!

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    1. Chyren
      Dec 24, '23 at 1:11 pm

      Thank you so much for this! But Mono don’t forget it is your work and you don’t have to do these things to please people. Do whatever you think will work best for you and the new story! And even tho I am one of those people that had asked for a copy of crimson and sapphire I will say that you don’t owe anybody anything!