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    • Meetings In Taverns

      Crimson Lips
      The tavern was nearly empty, the few quiet patrons still there casting shadows under the dimly lit lanterns floating along the ceiling. In the kitchen, the cook washed dishes, waiting for the next order, the next customer, keeping the place running rather than closing for the night and going home to an empty house. At the register, the waitress counted money, wondering when she'd earn enough to quit her second job and dreaming of moving out of her aunt's home to have a little garden of her own. Nothing…
    • Assembly

      Crimson Lips
      One by one, swimming in a sea of loud chatter, each and every single worker at the Sapphire Carousel messily filed into its grand theatre. Not just the entertainers, mind you. The cooks, the janitors, the security team, everyone that called that place either home or work or both. “Come ooooon! I ain’t got all day to herd you, people!” Rainbow Dash bellowed from atop the stage. “Move it!” “Can we sit next to our friends, teacher?” Lemonwhisk called out, two or three of her friends…
    • The Price Of A Mistake

      Crimson Lips
      Endings are difficult, aren’t they? They are perhaps the hardest part of anything ever done. Ending. Finishing. And why? Because endings can make or break a tale. They can determine if you’ll look back with fond memories, happy to have seen the journey through, or if you’ll look back with bitter disappointment, thinking to yourself that you wasted your time. I wonder, perhaps, if that’s why I lied to you earlier on. Do you remember? I sat before you one day—if days even exist in a place…
    • The Little Dragon

      Crimson Lips
      I heard somewhere, sometimes, that no two people can fall in love without breaking someone’s heart.   I’ve debated how to tell this, dear friend. Surely you’ve noticed and know that I’ve very purposefully allowed this story to follow Twilight, not me or my beau. I figured you’d prefer that, considering how you scowl every time I mention Rift Shield’s name. We may not like it, but relationships end. Some burn out, some go out with a bang, and some simply fade away, piece by piece, in…
    • Come What May

      Crimson Lips
      No power on Earth could stop me. The carriage rushed through the city streets, the poor horses galloping for their lives and mine. I had to see her. I had to see her and somehow set things… not right, I suppose, but straight. Clear the air, and perhaps, if the Gods were good, hope for something more. Whereas Rainbow Dash was outside the carriage, flying beside the horses, Lady Luna and I were seated inside, the two of us silent as we sat directly across from each other. “How are you…
    • Epilogue

      Crimson Lips
      It would be romantic to say that fate is in charge of us all. That it was destiny that Twilight Sparkle and I met, destiny we should find each other again. Certainly, I believed it then, but now? Now, as this part of my tale spins to an end, I think that’s not right. Falling in love was inevitable. But loving each other? Loving each other was a choice. That’s what love is, really. In all shapes and forms, it is a choice one has to make over and over again. The choice to love yourself, as…
    • Sick Children

      Crimson Lips
      I fell gravely ill when I was thirteen. I almost died. I was in bed for several month, at least. Plagued by a disease my parents understood little, and I even less, so dazed by pain I could hardly understand the doctor explaining my condition to my parents and Lady Celestia. He said it would be a miracle if I survived. Would there be a plaque for me, too?   'Here lies little Rarity, taken to a better place by life's cruel disease. Died on a bed, not on a bench.'   I don’t remember…
    • ‘Til The Streets Bleed Like Our Hearts

      Crimson Lips
      Dear friend. It has been a while, hasn't it? Or, at the very least, it certainly feels like it has for me. It certainly felt like it had for me, after that day. You do remember, do you not? Twilight Sparkle, who I loved like life itself, had ended our friendship, and in the days that followed, not much else mattered. Days felt like months to me, long and tortuous and as painful as the illness that plagued my heart. And my body. As such, I want to ask a favor of you. An indulgence,…