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      ~ Act III ~ 31 ~ The Tale of the Four Princesses ~

      Rarity had a very strange dream that night. It began inside a large room within Canterlot Castle. It was a beautiful room, with marble floors and mahogany furniture, carved and polished until everything shined. Oil portraits hung on the walls, depicting elegantly dressed mares and stallions. The air smelled of fresh flowers, and not a speck of dust could be found. It was an immaculate sight, save for one small detail. Discord, or rather a statue of him, stood in the middle of the room, laughing at…
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      ~ Interlude VIII ~ A Better Future ~

      “Does something trouble you, little one?” Pinkie’s ears twitched, her eyes fixed on the night stars reflected in the endless lake before her. She wanted to look up to her friend, but instead she stared down at the lake’s surface, lifting her hoof and dipping it into the water, watching as the ripples distorted her reflection. “She’ll be okay, right?” she asked, finally, turning up to the princess. Princess Luna smiled softly, glancing down at the mare. “Curious. Was it not you who…
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      ~ Act III ~ 30 ~ The Magic of Hollow Shades ~

      It was an uncontested fact, or at least it should have been, that properly recovering from a meltdown was one of the most exquisite art forms. One should always apologize, of course, but more than that, there should be pride in the act! Yes, all the proverbial marbles had been lost, thrown overboard to drift in the sea of insanity, but it was an act of passion! An act of beautiful desperation, and one should own it! Wear it like a badge of honor, like a trophy to be disp— “You’ve been quiet,…
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      ~ Interlude VII ~ A Vision II ~

      Clink. Clink. Clink. Rarity sat alone inside Carousel Boutique’s kitchen, her spoon clinking against her cup as she stirred her warm tea. She took out the spoon, placed it to the side, and then lifted the cup, but before she could take a sip her body intervened. She coughed once, twice, thrice, and her hoof rose to her chest and rubbed in slow circles. When the coughing fit subsided, she finally lifted her cup and took her coveted sip, her eyes scanning the table and landing on a book. A…
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      ~ Act III ~ 29 ~ The Longest Night ~

      Rarity returned to Spitfire’s apartment with a knot in her stomach, twisting and twisting and twisting some more. Threads of hope kept together her will to fight, but even then she knew they were frayed and might give in at any moment. So much of her had come undone already, it was hard to think it could get any worse. For now, she clung to one belief. There was no map. Therefore, finding all the books would free Twilight, once and for all. But… but Discord had returned. He’d chosen to…
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      ~ Act III ~ 27 ~ The Princess’s Last Letter ~

      “Rarity, wait, please!” Nothing mattered to Rarity. Not Fluttershy’s pleading, not Applejack’s calls, not the cries of her sister and her friends, not the fact that she’d left her bags on the train; the world could be coming to an end around her and still nothing would matter but getting to Twilight’s library. Please, let me find her, please. To think of all the dangers she’d faced, all the times she’d been at risk, all the times she thought she’d been afraid, only to…
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      ~ Interlude VI ~ A Vision I ~

      Rarity dreamt of a unicorn mare called Amethyst Wind. Amethyst reminded Rarity much of herself when she was younger, full of vibrancy and desire for adventures. She was several decades younger than the elderly Rarity, and unlike Rarity, Amethyst Wind was not cursed. “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” Rarity looked up from her book, smiling at the mare sitting opposite her, busy burying her face in her hooves with what could only be described as a love-struck expression. “I remember being…
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      ~ Act III ~ 28 ~ The Three Stallions ~

      Dreams plagued Rarity’s nights, like an illness she could not recover from. She dreamt of a strange mare stealing her princess away, she dreamt of her life before finding the library, and ever since Twilight’s last letter, dreams featuring the alicorn had stopped being pleasant. Her life seemed like a dream, truth be told. Passing inconsequentially, day after day. Her actions did not matter, because Twilight was gone. Nearly an entire week had gone by since her second incident in the Everfree…