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    It was strange to go on a date with Rarity. 

    Strange because they were essentially hanging out as they’d done several times before, but now they were dating? Which, in theory, made it different but the same, but different? They could kiss now? The thought was embarrassing, though, which was stupid considering they’d literally had se…se… 

    “Okay,” Twilight thought, grateful the nighttime was helping hide her heavy blushing, “moving on.”

    She focused instead on her feet, moving one in front of the other as she climbed up the stargazing hill at the local park. Looking at the stars wasn’t what she’d have considered Rarity’s ideal first date, but Twilight herself couldn’t complain. She loved doing it and even brought her portable telescope for the occasion, the bulky device taking up most of the bag hanging from her shoulder. 

    As she neared the summit, she saw Rarity seated on a picnic mat surrounded by various snacks and drinks. Twilight stopped, somewhat because she was somehow still intimidated by her friend—girlfriend—but also because… honestly, she just wanted to look at her. 

    Dressed in jeans and a light blue shirt, Rarity seemed comfortable, her hands pressed on either side of her and supporting her as she looked up at the stars, her face gently illuminated by the moonlight. She looked right out of an aesthetic social-media picture, Twilight thought, which she imagined Rarity had probably intended. 

    Or maybe she hadn’t, and Twilight was just lucky enough to be dating someone so beautiful she always looked like a perfect photograph no matter what she did. 

    As if summoned by Twilight’s thoughts, Rarity looked down and saw her, her lips breaking into a smitten grin.

    “Twilight!” she exclaimed, the evident enthusiasm in her voice whipping up a hurricane of butterflies in Twilight’s chest. “You’re here!”

    “Uh, yes,” Twilight replied, which she later would chastise herself over for such a lame reply. She finished making her way up to Rarity, embarrassed at how excited Rarity was. 

    God, they had sex literally two nights ago! Why was she embarrassed?! This was stupid!

    “Hello,” Rarity said when Twilight reached her, smiling very cutely. She patted the spot next to her on the picnic mat. “Funny meeting you here!”

    “I know,” Twilight replied, relaxing ever so slightly as she raised an eyebrow playfully. “It’s almost like we planned a meeting here.”

    “It was destiny!” Rarity insisted, scooching over a bit so Twilight could sit down. Once she had, she fluttered her eyelashes at her. “Hello.”

    “Hi,” Twilight replied, giggling slightly. And she was, again, embarrassed. She really needed to get over that. This was literally just a regular hangout! It was. It was!

    “What on Earth is in your backpack?” Rarity asked. “Literally every single book from this semester?”

    No.” Twilight opened it up and extracted her telescope, privately delighting at Rarity’s excited squeal. “I thought this would be fun for tonight.”

    Rarity extended her hands, opening and closing them. “Let me see it, let me see it!” As soon as Twilight handed it to her, she got to work looking around with it while an amused Twilight installed the tripod. “My stars! I’ve found something!”

    Twilight looked up, finding Rarity staring at her through the telescope. “Oh! What?” 

    “A ravishing girl!” Rarity gasped, melting into giggles when Twilight rolled her eyes and looked back to her telescope. “My god, she’s turned red! Fascinating!”

    “Fascinating.” She reached for the telescope. “Okay, let me put it on now.”

    “Did you want a snack?” Rarity asked, looking at the food she’d brought along, most of which was store-bought except for a few fruits bearing Applejack’s family farm stickers. “I’m sorry I didn’t make anything for us. One of my professors held me in class after hours to review my exam, and it took longer than I hoped.”

    “Exam? Which exam?” Twilight asked, making some final adjustments and looking through the telescope. 

    Rarity faltered. “Ah. My finance mid-term.”

    Twilight looked up, her brow furrowed. “What? Who’s your professor?” She glanced toward Rarity’s bag. “Do you have the exam here? Let me see it.”

    “Twiiiiliiiight,” Rarity whined. “If I wanted to use my time with you going over school affairs, I’d have hired you as a tutor, not seduced you to be my girlfriend.”

    “But your grades are important!” Twilight protested. When Rarity started to laugh, endeared, she asked, “What?”

    “Nothing, darling,” Rarity replied, once again pressing her palms on the ground and leaning back. She tilted her head and fluttered her eyelashes. “Just, only you would talk about exams and grades on a first date, is all.”

    Immediately, Twilight regretted her actions. 

    “I’m sorry,” she exclaimed. “Uhm.” She forced herself to turn back to her telescope, peering into the viewfinder so she didn’t have to face Rarity. “Let me finish checking this.”

    Great, she thought, not even paying attention to the sky. She just had to talk about school and grades and all that BS, didn’t she? This wasn’t the first time Rarity had teased her about similar things, but it was different when they were friends because now Twilight was her girlfriend and who wanted to date someone who could do nothing but talk about school? 


    That was exactly why no one besides her friends had ever asked her out for anything unless it was to help them pass exams because it was all she could— 

    “I can take it out, though, if you want.” 

    Twilight looked up at Rarity, finding her friend looking… pained?


    “The exam,” Rarity elaborated, reaching for her backpack. Something about her tone seemed forced and rushed, and a light stammer snuck into her sentences. “I’d be grateful for you to review it, honestly! Ah, er, maybe you can—”

    “Oh, no, that’s fine!” Twilight immediately interrupted, stopping Rarity in the middle of opening her bag. “We don’t need to do that now. Don’t worry about it.” She looked back to her telescope, laughing. Forcibly. “I promise I’m interested in things other than grades. Ha ha.”

    God, she wished she could disappear into the stars. 

    A few moments of silence passed until Twilight again looked up from the telescope when Rarity groaned, tumbling onto her back and covering her face with her hands. 

    “Rarity?” Twilight asked, concerned. “What’s wr—”

    “We’ve only been on a date for, what, ten minutes? And I’ve made things unpleasant and awkward!” Rarity replied, her dramatic tone not completely masking the real anxiety seeping out. 

    Twilight blinked, perplexed. Rarity was the one making things unpleasant and awkward? What?”

    “What? No, you haven’t?”

    “I have!” Rarity sat back up, contritely folding her arms together. “I’ve upset you with the joke I made about grades on a first date, didn’t I?”

    Twilight hesitated because even though she was upset, it wasn’t at Rarity. She wanted to vocalize as much, but her hesitation was, unfortunately, all the answer Rarity needed. 

    See?” she exclaimed. “Stars, I’m sorry, I—”

    “Wait, but, Rarity—” Twilight interrupted. “You didn’t do anything wrong! You always make that joke. It would be weird if you didn’t!” 

    “I know, but—I don’t know! It’s different now!” Rarity protested before faltering and looking away from Twilight, idly playing with one of the rings on her finger. 

    “Different how?”

    At that, Rarity’s cheeks turned a light red. “I… Well, I don’t usually go on a first date already so invested in my partner having a good time.”

    Twilight took this in. She weighed every word carefully, what they meant and implied, and then, unable to help herself: “Wait. So.” She leaned in, a completely snarky grin plastered on her face. “So what you’re saying is that on your usual first dates, you don’t really care if your partner has a good time or not? Wow, Rarity.”

    “That is NOT what I meant!” Rarity immediately gasped, playfully smacking Twilight’s shoulder with her sweater when Twilight offered a skeptical look. “Twilight! I only meant that because I know this is your first First Date ever and—”

    “Wow, rub that in, too, huh?” Twilight interrupted, her faux-hurt dissolving almost immediately at Rarity’s pained groan as she once again laid down on her back and covered her face. She reached over and rubbed her girlfriend’s leg affectionately. “Rarity. I was kidding!”

    “Why are my charms failing me?! What is happening to me?!” 

    Twilight continued to rub her leg, occasionally patting it empathetically. “It’s okay, Rarity. Good thing I have low standards.”

    Now Rarity looked up, indignant. “Excuse me? You have the highest standards of anyone on this Earth, and that’s saying something coming from me!” She sat up, scooching over to Twilight and shoving an accusing finger on her chest, ignoring Twilight’s giggling. “Need I remind you of the seven non-sports clubs you made in high school just so the school would be up to your standards?”

    “Actually,” Twilight said, grabbing Rarity’s accusatory hand and intertwining it with hers, “in order for the school to really be up to my standards, I would have created at least thirteen clubs, but the principal wouldn’t let me.”

    “And thank God for that,” Rarity replied cheekily. “Joining all seven of your clubs almost killed me; I don’t know if I could have handled even one more.”

    “The only reason they were a handful was because your sixty cliques would join literally anything you did!”

    Rarity sighed theatrically, pitifully toying with the telescope. “Stars, I know. The curse of being popular.” 

    Twilight took the telescope and peered inside it, aiming it toward the sky. “Oh, look! My eyes are rolling so far, they’re orbiting Jupiter.” Then, after a pause, she straightened herself up and gasped excitedly. “Oh wow, you can see Jupiter’s moons! I think that’s Callisto?”

    “Oooh! Let me see!”

    Rather than pointing the telescope toward herself, Rarity crawled over and practically sat on Twilight’s lap. 

    Darling,” she said, chastizing. “Move back! I can’t see the telescope like this.”

    Flustered, Twilight did as Rarity commanded, inching back ever so slightly so Rarity was at an appropriate distance to use the telescope while still comfortably nestled between Twilight’s legs. 

    Twilight’s hands itched at her side, wanting to wrap themselves around Rarity’s waist. They technically could, right? It would be appropriate, wouldn’t it? And yet… 

    “Where is it?” Rarity asked urgently, completely oblivious to her girlfriend’s tribulations. “I don’t see it. Are you sure—Oh! There it is.”

    “Try and find the others,” Twilight advised. 


    Rarity peered through the telescope another moment before leaning back into Twilight, fitting together like two puzzle pieces. Bolstered by Rarity’s confidence, Twilight finally took the plunge and wrapped her arms around Rarity’s waist, her brief trepidation melting away at Rarity’s sudden content sigh. 

    They stayed there for minutes that felt eternal until Rarity interlaced her hands with Twilight’s and spoke.

    “I am sorry if I upset you, Twilight,” she said, quietly.

    “You didn’t, Rarity,” Twilight insisted, tightening her grip around her girlfriend. “I just… I don’t know. I still can’t believe this is happening.” She hesitated. “I’m not like anyone I’ve ever seen you date or your type and—”

    “Do you remember a few years ago when you came to tour our high school when you moved here in the middle of the year?”

    “…Yes?” Twilight said, a little thrown by the sudden change of topic. 

    “I remember you standing there and explaining to me how you couldn’t believe we didn’t have any intellectual clubs because how else would you excel at all of them so we ‘normal students’ would like you for being superior.” 

    Not for the first time, Twilight’s cheeks turned flaming red out of embarrassment. “Stop,” she said, burying her face in Rarity’s shoulder. “I already repressed middle school, don’t make me repress high school, too.”

    “Why? I was enchanted! So much so that I started hanging out almost exclusively with you the second you transferred, which leads me to my point!” She tugged on Twilight’s hands. “Ask me what my point is.”

    “What’s your point, Rarity?” Twilight asked into Rarity’s shoulder. 

    “My point is,” Rarity exclaimed, “that until we started college and I started dating Blueblood, I had spent virtually most of my afternoons before that willingly wrapped up in something involving you. So, maybe, darling, it’s not that you’re not my type, but it took me dating Blueblood to realize I’d been blind to the fact that you became my type the moment I met you.”

    Twilight continued to bury her face in Rarity’s shoulder, but no longer was it due to the shame, but more because… that was really nice to hear, wasn’t it? Her arms tightened around Rarity again as her heart threatened to burst out of her chest. That who she had been, was and would be had always been wanted and accepted by Rarity. 

    “So there,” Rarity finished. “Now you know never to break up with me because I will be so devastated I will make it the entire world’s problem.”

    Twilight laughed, leaving a kiss on her girlfriend’s shoulder. “I promise.”

    “Splendid!” Rarity exclaimed, lifting one of Twilight’s hands to kiss it. Once she’d put it back down around her waist, she continued: “Your telescope is broken, by the way.”

    Twilight’s head shot up. “Wait, it is?”

    “Mmmhm.” Rarity leaned in to look through it. “I’d seen a beautiful girl through it earlier, and now I can’t for the life of me find her! Fix it, Twilight! Fix it!”


    “Fix iiiit!”

    As I venture further into trying to live off my writing, I’ve tentatively opened up commissions!

    This was the first one, which I’m relatively happy with. The commissioner requested a cute follow-up to a very old… mature fic I wrote way back when. It’s always really nice when I find out people cherish some of my older works that aren’t Telverse or BGAU. I will confess I only just skimmed through Demons because I struggle reading my old writing lmaooo please forgive any inconsistencies.

    Also sometimes I remember I accidentally let my Grammarly premium subscription renew some months ago and I’m always very angry about it because it’s expensive as FUCK, but… it was really useful today… and helped rewrite sentences… so you get to live another day, Grammarly…

    As for the titles, they have nothing to do with the story but Demons was so completely based off a Vienna Teng song that I felt legally obligated to tie this one to another one of her songs so… listen to landsailor… it’s good…

    If you like my work, please consider tipping me or subscribing on Ko-Fi! Writing is my only source of income, so every little bit helps c:


    You can support me on


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    1. Harwick
      Nov 19, '22 at 10:14 pm

      Oh, this was charming as all get out, and I missed it until now! I really don’t know how.

      Excellent work, and your client must have been delighted with the results! I certainly was.

    2. Gavier
      Nov 12, '22 at 8:07 am

      Very cute fic, even if I remember very little from Demons and Desires

      It’s always really nice when I find out people cherish some of my older works that aren’t Telverse or BGAU.

      Great news! I like Injuring Eternity c:
      Also Once in a Purple Moon, but that one’s more because it was the first fic I read in Fimfiction lol

    3. Zervon Tora
      Nov 12, '22 at 4:59 am

      You do have the personalities and chemistry of Rarity and Twilight down to a science.

      1. @Zervon ToraNov 12, '22 at 11:53 am

        i just… love them… sm

    4. Jay-155
      Nov 8, '22 at 4:09 pm

      A perfectly adorable story! Much love Mono!

    5. Gearcrow
      Nov 8, '22 at 3:01 pm

      Demons has always been one of my favorite stories of yours that isn’t TEL and Crimson, and its one of the reasons I always thought it would be fun to get some more nsfw work from you, but this was perfect. Super cute and heartwarming, and it felt perfectly in character.

      This was easily my favorite line:

      “Mmmhm.” Rarity leaned in to look through it. “I’d seen a beautiful girl through it earlier, and now I can’t for the life of me find her! Fix it, Twilight! Fix it!”

    6. JMP
      Nov 8, '22 at 2:32 pm

      This was extremely cute. I do actually kinda remember “Demons and Desires”, skimming through it. I probably read it when Crimson was moved to the “No Crow” account. I just love how you write Twilight and Rarity’s dynamic no matter the context. It’s also nice seeing how….invested both of them are. They’re clearly worrying about similar things, and have tons of chances to just…talk, and work it out.

    7. SigmasonicX
      Nov 8, '22 at 2:15 pm

      This was incredibly cute! Right from this part I knew it was going to be a great time.

      It was strange to go on a date with Rarity.

      Strange because they were essentially hanging out as they’d done several times before, but now they were dating? Which, in theory, made it different but the same, but different? They could kiss now? The thought was embarrassing, though, which was stupid considering they’d literally had se…se…

      It was refreshing in general to have a cute awkward first date after they already had sex. It was nice seeing them figure out how to act around each other now, and the bits about their past were interesting.

    8. ShadowLDrago
      Nov 8, '22 at 12:29 pm

      “So there,” Rarity finished. “Now you know never to break up with me because I will be so devastated I will make it the entire world’s problem.”

      Pfft, you would!