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    Inspired by this Punkitt’s Sigma Mare Rainbow Dash comic. They’re not necessary to read, but I would recommend it as it’s super short and very hilarious.

    In Rainbow Dash’s humble opinion, it was very cool for Fluttershy that they were now roommates. Sure, it sucked that the cottage was under renovation due to some freak firestorm, but until that was fixed, Rainbow was determined to make sure her dear friend lived the GOOD life. 

    We probably need more furniture, Fluttershy had suggested, which Rainbow didn’t understand—what else would you need besides a fridge, a sleeping bag, a chair, and a TV—but she wasn’t about to say no to her friend. 

    Taking on the task of finding furniture while Fluttershy did the sweeping she insisted on doing, Rainbow Dash took off into town and came back thirty minutes later with the mother of all sweet hauls. 

    “Hey, Shy, check this out!” she exclaimed excitedly, slamming open her door and dragging in her loot. “We’re set for life!”

    Fluttershy flew in from the kitchen, delighted. “Oh! Let me see.”

    And see she would, as Rainbow proudly dragged in: 

    • Four milk crates of varying sizes
    • Several cinderblocks with 2×4 plank shelving
    • A standing lamp that was all twisted in a super cool way
    • A big plastic table that had the SICKEST graffiti on it
    • And that was it

    “Oh,” said Fluttershy. 

    “Right?!” Rainbow exclaimed, slamming a hoof on her new table. “Can you believe all this shit was FREE? They were, like, outside this house and stuff!” She puffed up her chest. “We’re lucky I saw them before some bozo took them first, huh?”

    Fluttershy didn’t say anything and just stared at her new furniture, probably overwhelmed by how awesome it was. Which was great, because Rainbow loved making Fluttershy happy. 

    “Where should we put these?” Rainbow asked, wanting to include Fluttershy in the process. Mi casa es tu casa stuff and all, you know? She gestured to the table. “Let’s figure that out first.”

    Fluttershy gingerly approached the graffiti’d table, inspecting it before focusing in on something written in the center. 

    “Uhm,” she said, softly. She looked to Rainbow. “That’s a bad word.”

    Rainbow blinked. Looked at the word. Back to Fluttershy. “That’s a bad word?”

    “Uhm, yes,” Fluttershy said. “A really bad word.”

    Ah, fuck, Rainbow thought. 

    Uuuuuuuh…” she said, calm and collected because she was calm and collected. 

    She could still save this. Right. She just had to THINK, which she was really good at. Okay. The other day when they were at Rarity’s house, Rarity’s table had this long stretchy tablecloth in the center going from one side to the other, length-wise. Rainbow thought it was stupid because it was, like, fifteen inches wide so it didn’t cover the entire table, but Fluttershy said it was nice. So she needed something like that. 

    And then it hit her. She had one.

    “Wait, I’ll be back!”

    She rushed into her room and came back with something she bought once that happened to kinda work like that. Colored like the rainbow, it was called a ‘Runner’ and she’d bought it at the store to help her run. It didn’t, though, and she couldn’t return it, so she stashed it in a box in her closet. 

    But, now, finally, it had a use. 

    Quickly, she placed it on the table and was stoked to see it perfectly covered the bad word, even if it looked just as stupid as Rarity’s. 

    “There!” she exclaimed, hopeful. “Better?”

    Fluttershy nodded, pleased. “Oh, yes. That works for now.”

    Heck yeah, Rainbow thought, pumping her hoof in the air while Fluttershy went to one of Rainbow’s Boxes of Stuff. 

    “Maybe there’s something here we can put as a centerpiece,” Fluttershy suggested. She opened the box, stared at it for a moment, and then pulled out a nail gun. “What’s this for?”

    Rainbow snorted. Wasn’t it obvious? 

    “To hang posters, duh.”


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    1. A Deer
      Jan 13, '23 at 6:41 pm

      Rainbow just needs another 12 roommates to round out her place. Helps with rent. Cinderblock and wood plank shelves is just good thinking – instant shelves and no nails needed. And stuff on the side of the road? Sometimes there’s gold in that stuff – just needs some love to return to it’s former glory.

      Enjoyed the humor in this. And also the comics. Kept Rainbow’s personality while still playing with it for humor. Liked how the prose shows her personality too. Always find that well done in all these stories. The characters come to life in the prose and it’s fun to read. Thanks for the story! Now I can go and seize the day. I think there’s a Latin phrase for that. But that’s another language and I only speak 0.71 languages at this time.

    2. SigmasonicX
      Jan 12, '23 at 10:25 am

      This was really fun! You did a great job translating the core of the comic’s tone into a narrative form, while still fitting your style. And this was an overall cute interaction.

    3. ShadowLDrago
      Jan 11, '23 at 11:26 pm

      Rainbow, you delightful himbo.