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      Crimson Lips
      Twilight Sparkle had never been to the Sapphire Carousel before. In fact, to be precise, she’d only ever been to the Lunar District once: the day she came to my boutique to see me. Ever since she’d found out about Lady Luna’s establishment, as far back as that delightful dinner with Fluttershy and her mother, she’d never dared venture and see the place for herself. It had always felt… not dangerous, no, but forbidden. A place she could know about, but like any proper and decent individual,…
    • The Bridge of Empty Promises

      Crimson Lips
      But let us move away from Shimmer Glass and my dearly beloved, watching this nearly-naked woman. Let us move away from that until the time is right, and go instead to a different time and a different place. A bridge. There we were, Twilight and I, leaning against the bridge filled with rusty locks and forgotten promises, a ritual she and I had yet to partake in. There we were, our hands dangling over both the edge and our future, and there I was, consumed by the thought that the moment would be…
    • Shimmer Glass

      Crimson Lips
      It has been a while, dear friend, and it has been hard for me to find words to speak. So I hope you will bear with me as I talk, and talk, and talk until something makes sense. Once you and I have reached that point, we shall ignore all of this and cast it into the deepest corners of our memories, yes? I think I should start by asking you to forgive me as I take you somewhere else for a moment. A different time, a different place. I’m sure you’d like to know of the cabaret, and what Twilight…
    • On Goblins and Lies

      Crimson Lips
      If I had known… If I had known things would take that turn, that our relationship would fragment in such a way, I would have never allowed myself to be content with just one kiss. She always consumed my thoughts, this is painfully true, but it was not the same after that date at the café. Where once I saw a future, now I saw myself clutching the remains of a fading dream. Twilight Sparkle knew who I was, and it frightened me to realize it was my turn to find out exactly who she was.…
    • Black Coffee

      Crimson Lips
      Darling, you really didn't think I’d leave you dangling off the edge like that? Don’t be silly. Whyever would I do that? It’s so much easier to simply push you off the cliff.     There we were, she and I, sitting at a window table in the bar, each cradling distinctly non-alcoholic drinks. I’d offered to have our usual when we met up again weeks later, to have a cup of chocolate milk with spicy rum, but she refused. She wanted coffee, please. Black with no sugar. “My!…
    • The Holiday Dinner – Part II

      Crimson Lips
      Her eyes flickered briefly towards the window and the snowflakes pelting against it. It reminded her of her home in the north, and with a pang, she wished she were there. No one could really cheer her up like Shining Armor could. Well, maybe I could, but I had been the one to do the hurting, in this case. “Only Fluttershy is coming?” Though she likely did not mean it in that way, Lady Celestia’s question hung heavy in the heart of the woman seated on the other side of the Lady’s desk. It…
    • The Holiday Dinner – Part I

      Crimson Lips
      There are things we don't want to believe. Things that are there, naked before us, touching our bare skin with slim fingertips, kissing our neck and our lips and our mind, and yet we refuse to acknowledge them even though our body feels every electric jolt, every heavy thrust, every gentle kiss. Ignorance is bliss, they say. With every word that I speak, every story I tell, you and I come closer and closer to the end of this tale. I've… I've tried to delay it. I've tried to woo you away from the…
    • Mothers

      Crimson Lips
      I cried for two weeks straight when my parents left the city and I moved into the Lady’s house. I pressed my face against my pillow at night, desperately hoping it would muffle my sobs while I clutched my mother’s farewell letter against my chest. I felt ashamed; aghast at the fact that I dared weep when the Lady had given me all that I’d ever wanted. She allowed me to stay in the city, she filled my belly with feasts unlike my parents were ever able to serve, she financed my education in the…