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    • ~ Act III ~ 36 ~ The Seamstress in the Library ~

      You've got it allYou lost your mind in the soundThere's so much more, you can reclaim your crownYou're in controlRid of the monsters inside your headPut all your faults to bedYou can be King again. ~ King by Lauren Aquilina Deep in the Everfree Forest, past the timberwolves and the thorn bushes, past the overgrown houses and the numbered trees that glowed when nighttime arrived, was an ancient oak sitting in the midst of a perfectly circular hole. To any pony passing by,…
    • ~ ??? ~ A Long Wait ~ End of Book I ~

      Carousel Boutique had never looked emptier and, in fact, it had never been emptier. Most of her things had already been carted away, taken to the train that would lead her to a new life away from Ponyville. Away from her family. Away from the Everfree Forest, and away from… her. “Rarity… I don’t want you to go…” Trotting out of Carousel Boutique, Rarity stopped and embraced the little filly trailing behind her, whose hot tears stained her elder sister’s coat. Pinkie Pie was…
    • ~ Act II ~ 13 ~ The Unusual Trial of Cinnamon Drop ~

      “Rarity, we’ve been friends for many years, have we not?” She laughed. “Three weeks hardly qualifies as many years, my dear.” He grinned. “Ah, but is time not relative? For our wonderful friendship, maybe not! But.” He frowned. “For you and Princess Twilight, I’d imagine these three weeks have felt eternal.” The warmth in her expression vanished. Quickly. “...What are you saying, North Ridge?” “I’m saying it seems you’ve taken to old bad habits. Remind me, how…
    • Heartless

      She could have been heartless and let her fears convince her to say no.  It had been a rainy autumn day when Rarity had first told her she loved her, about a year before her ascension. They’d been having dinner at a restaurant in Canterlot, and after an expensive dessert, Rarity had said it, and Twilight?  Twilight had almost refused to believe it.  “Really?” she’d asked, stunned, flustered, delighted. Stunned because for so long she’d assumed Rarity would never be…