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    Mario Kart Fundraising Stream 4 Mono

    Starting now!!!

    Hi everyone!

    Because of an oversight, my roommates and I find ourselves in a position where in July-ish we will need to pay basically double rent, which I cannot currently afford right now without basically draining all my savings and putting me and my roommates in serious jeopardy. Essentially, we need to pay rent for both our old place and a new place for an extra entire month and a half which we WERE NOT expecting and kinda screws us over, lol…

    So, I’m doing a little stream tomorrow to raise funds!

    For those who haven’t seen this before, I’ve done these in the past to help other people out. Essentially, I play Mario Kart and try to come in first place every race, but when people donate a certain amount to my ko-fi, I need to roll a dice and play the next race while doing a challenge. This can be either playing with the controller upside down, playing looking by looking at a mirror reflecting the screen, and other challenges including the fan favorite where I have to take a spoonful of hot sauce before the race.

    Here is where the stream will take place, starting at 10AM PDT. (I’ll send another e-mail tomorrow morning it starts).

    Thank you so much to anyone who attends, and thanks as always for your support.


    – Mono

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    1. Just somepony
      Jun 15, '23 at 4:07 am

      I hope you’re alright now. You haven’t posted anything for over a month and it’s getting me worried.
      May the Harmony be with you!