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    Friend (2023 Edition) Cover
    Futurama Comedy Slice of Life Bender B. Rodriguez Turanga Leela

    Friend (2023 Edition)

    by Monochromatic

    A week into Fry’s self-imposed return to his 20th century life, Leela confronts Bender about his complete lack of concern for their mutual friend.

    She wasn’t sure what she was expecting from it, but it certainly wasn’t what happened.

    Rewrite of a ficlet I wrote in 2009. Cover art by the incredible GollyGeeMel.

    Set during the episode “A Fishful of Dollars”. Brief TLDR context of the episode is given before the ficlet.

    1. Friends = Suckers
      964 Words
    2. Friend (Original 2010 drabble)
      163 Words
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