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      0% Alcohol Content

      0% Alcohol Content Cover
      by Monochromatic It had been five days since the ship had been trapped in the slowsands of Xarthus 34, and Lord knew how many days before the rescue ship would even reach the quadrant they were in.  Leela sat at the captain’s chair, her hand’s joints physically hurting from how hard she’d been gripping the main thruster lever.  Stupid.  Not for the first time that quarter of an hour, she forcefully pushed it forward, the ship's engines whirring to life only to violently groan and screech from…
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      sober words are drunken thoughts

      sober words are drunken thoughts Cover
      by Monochromatic When a mission going wrong leaves the Planet Express trio stranded for days, Leela is forced to confront the consequences of running out of one thing and one thing only: alcohol.
      Futurama • Fluff • Slice of Life
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      Friend (2023 Edition)

      Friend (2023 Edition) Cover
      by Monochromatic A week into Fry’s self-imposed spiritual exile to his old 20th-century life, Leela confronts Bender about his complete lack of concern for their mutual friend.