Eyes So Dark Cover
    MLP:FiM Alt. Universe Drama RariTwi Romance Suicide / Self Harm Rarity Twilight

    Eyes So Dark

    by Monochromatic

    Trapped in a future where Twilight–now known as Andromeda–has turned into a… uncaring, emotionless dark-magic wielding empress, Rarity sometimes contemplates just… you know… accelerating her trip to the heavens, so to speak.

    On one such time, she’s surprised to find it’s Andromeda of all ponies who makes her change her mind.

    Takes place in an AU by Maximasmac (a brief explanation of the AU is inside the story)

    1. don’t know how you even see don’t know how you even see
      Warning: Suicide Mention / Contemplation 2,932 Words 2.9 K Words
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