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    A smile pushed itself onto her lips at the sight of a girl and her wheelchair waiting by the entrance of the plaza. The first thing she noticed was that Daring seemed fine, which brought with it immense relief for Ambris. She was fine.

    The second thing she noticed was Daring wasn’t moving. Not wheeling herself in circles, not reading a book, not anything. Just staring into the distance. Ambris was no longer certain she was fine.

    “Daring Sun,” Ambris greeted, maintaining her smile. “You’re here early.”

    “Oh, hey, Missus K.” She only half-smiled. “Sorry about last week,” she said, and nothing more. She gestured to the library. “Let’s go?”

    “Why, Daring Sun!” Ambris exclaimed, playfully crossing her arms. “No race today?”

    “Sorry, Missus K, no race today,” Daring half-heartedly replied, and so did Ambris’ smile vanished. “I’m not feeling up to it.”

    And that was that.

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