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    Ambris Knot had a strange name.

    Well, not a strange name, just one that didn’t sound all that nice or interesting and certainly not one that, according to her editor, would inspire people to pick up her books.

    And she agreed. In the past months, she’d poured herself into imagining a fiction book all about an archaeological explorer going off on intrepid adventures. She had finally come up with a penname she liked, figured out most of the outline and the settings, and had a main character she was proud of.

    All she needed now was to write it, and…

    To finally decide on a proper last name for her protagonist.

    As she made her way towards the library at exactly seven in the morning, wrapped up in a big shawl and a hat that hid her graying hair, Ambris Knot decided she’d let fate figure that out for her.

    For now, she was more interested in greeting the young woman waiting by the entrance to the plaza.

    “Hey, Missus K!” Daring exclaimed, waving at her. “Only three more Saturdays until Brayzil! Have you been practicing your running for when we race Dad at the stadium?!”

    “As I’ve said many times before, Daring Sun, I’m too old to race anybody.”

    “That’s not true! If you start training now, you’ll be fine for the trip!” Daring insisted. “In fact, I have a good feeling about today! I bet you could even win against me! Please? One time?”

    Ambris sighed. “… I’ll consider it.”

    “Wait, really? You can’t change your mind! I’m starting before you change your mind!” With that, she sped off.

    “I said I’ll consider it, not I’ll do it!” Ambris yelled, laughing.

    “Dooooo it!”

    Daring’s plea rang through the empty plaza, drawing forth a smile from Ambris’ lips. A quiet, peaceful moment, the two words echoing in her mind.

    And then it hit her.

    “Do it,” she repeated, the cogs in her brain turning.

    Do it.

    The name left her lips as naturally as if it had always been there, biding its time.

    “Daring Do.”

    Daring Do. An obvious, simple name she couldn’t believe she hadn’t thought about earlier. But there it was now, and the more she thought about it, the more she could see her protagonist, clearly and vividly, the intrepid explorer breaking into ancient ruins, running away from bad guys, making discoveries the world could only dream of, inspiring people everywhere to discover the wonders of the world.

    Daring Do.

    That was it. The missing piece that came out as an awed whisper:

    “The Amazing Adventures of Daring Do, by A.K. Yearling.”

    Ambris Knot laughed.

    And then?

    She ran.

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