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    From behind her glasses, Ambris Knot squinted at her web-browser, sipping tea as she read the latest drama in the world of young adult novels. Her editor had advised her to get to know her would-be-peers, and though they had juicy gossip, it still paled in comparison with the outlandish drama she read about in the scientific community.

    Her reading was interrupted twice that afternoon: once by a child taking out seven books, and then asking what she recommended for an eighth book, which took much more time than she expected.

    The second time was when, in the middle of her reading, a small notification popped up in the corner of her screen, reminding her that “The Logic of Archeology” had just uploaded their latest podcast.

    “Oh. Oh!” she gasped, clapping her hands together and inadvertently drawing the attention of several curious readers. After a few apologetic smiles, she clicked on the notification and read the description for the new episode.


    The name tumbled out of her mouth, and before she knew it, she’d scrambled out of her desk and strode off to explore the library. After several turns, and a dozen minutes getting distracted discussing a book with a regular patron, she finally found her target wheeling herself into the psychology section, a stack of books on her lap.

    “Oh, hey, Missus K!” Daring greeted with a wave. She then grabbed some of the books and put them back in their place. “I’m nearly done with these books, by the way, so can you put this one up there?” She handed Ambris a book. “Anyway, so I’m nearly done, in case you needed me for something else. I also cleared up the kids area, and—”

    “Nevermind those,” Ambris quickly said, grabbing the stack of books from Daring’s lap and putting them into a nearby basket. “I’ll take care of them later.”

    “What? But you said—”

    “The podcast updated! And it’s about the Caved-In Ruins!”

    Daring’s eyes widened. “No way! But—” She shifted awkwardly. “Uh. Well. What about my shift?”

    “Nevermind that,” Ambris exclaimed, walking over and taking the wheelchair. “I—” She moved it a little further, and then quickly let go at the sight of Daring’s uncomfortable expression. “Oh! Oh dear, I’m sorry, I got excited—”

    “No worries!” Daring said, taking back control of her wheelchair. “Thanks for apologizing.”

    Ambris cleared her throat and continued, “In any case, I dictate your shifts, and I believe you’re due for a break.”

    As per their weekly ritual, they sat together at the main desk and shared earphones to listen in. That week’s podcast was all about the Caved-In Ruins outside the outskirts of Brayzil’s capital, which Daring excitedly and repeatedly pointed out she’d be visiting in a few months.

    “I’m so excited!” she exclaimed once the podcast was over, wheeling herself in circles. “I’m definitely going to go see the Swinging Vine Jungle, too! I read that tourists are allowed to swing from some of the bigger vines, and I’m slowly convincing mom to let me do it too.”

    “Isn’t that dangerous?” Ambris asked, carefully putting away her earphones.

    “The guide said it’s fine, plus there’s nets at the bottom, plus my therapist said I had really good upper body strength, so I could definitely swing it.”

    Ambris hummed thoughtfully.

    “That’s an interesting visual.” She grabbed a nearby notebook and jotted something down. “I could have Daring swinging away from enemies there.” She turned to the real Daring and pointed at her with the tip of her pen. “You’ll have to bring me photos and notes for the book!”

    Daring nodded enthusiastically. “I will! I already saved up for a better camera and everything.” She leaned forward and read the notes. “Did you figure out what last name you wanted for Daring?”

    “No,” Ambris said, annoyed. “I’ve thought of a few options, but none really fit her personality. I’m starting to wonder if she’ll ever have a full name.”

    “Hey, it’s cool!” Daring reassured her. “You can do it!”

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