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      Leap of Faith

      Leap of Faith Cover
      by Monochromatic It was on our sixth meeting that Twilight Sparkle did the impossible. “It’s not fair!” Sweetie Belle’s voice echoed in the lobby, the pout on her face doing a fantastic job at making her look like a chipmunk. I’d have noted how endearing it was if I was not busy pouting myself. “Sweetie Belle, honestly!” I whispered urgently, smiling briefly at the curious security guard before glaring at my sister. “Stop arguing, will you?” “No!” she protested, ignoring me when I gestured…
      MLP:FiM • Alt. Universe • Human • Romance • Sex • Fancy Pants • Fleur de Lis • Rarity • Sweetie Belle • Twilight
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      Living After Death

      Living After Death Cover
      by Monochromatic You have been a mostly wonderful audience. I say mostly if only because to say you are perfect would be to lie, and I rather think we are beyond that, you and I. Nothing in this world is perfect—not the sun, not the moon, not the stars and not even my beloved herself. Nevertheless, you have listened, you have spoken, and you have accompanied me as I’ve weaved together a tale that isn’t really a tale at all. A traditional story, you see, has a beginning, a middle and an end. This one…
      MLP:FiM • Alt. Universe • Human • Romance • Sex • Luna • Rainbow Dash • Rarity • Twilight
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      The Third Big Question

      The Third Big Question Cover
      by Monochromatic The third time Twilight Sparkle met with me—the same day as her second class with Sweetie Belle—the poor dear still had no idea what to make of me. “Here you are, Miss.” Even as the waiter handed her a glass of lemonade, she was unable to tear her eyes away from me. How rude, the waiter must have thought, when she only half-heartedly acknowledged him. Rude, rude, rude, but really, who could blame the poor dear? She was frustrated, you see. Frustrated by this woman-shaped enigma who…
      MLP:FiM • Alt. Universe • Human • Romance • Sex • Rarity • Twilight
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      The Fairy in the Garden

      The Fairy in the Garden Cover
      by Monochromatic Once upon a time, a gray Sunday afternoon, a little girl visited Lady Celestia’s gardens. “One hour,” her mother had said, giving the girl a meaningful look. “One hour. The gardens close at six.” And in that hour, the girl made the mansion her castle, and the gardens her forest. The maze of hedges, she decided as she walked through them, were the Lost Labyrinth of Mirceille, where many brave soldiers had fought terrible beasts. Not all of them had survived, unfortunately, though she went…
      MLP:FiM • Alt. Universe • Human • Romance • Sex • Celestia • Rarity
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      The Class

      The Class Cover
      by Monochromatic Twilight was concerned, to say the least. She crossed the gravel streets with firm, quick steps, again clutching the outdated map Flint insisted on giving her every time she stepped out. Though she made an effort to smile and greet passersby, her brilliant mind was distracted by the very simple fact she hadn’t the faintest idea on how to give a class. How could she, when she had yet to receive one herself? This was the thought that hounded her, whispered in her ear until she turned right on…
      MLP:FiM • Alt. Universe • Human • Romance • Sex • Pinkie Pie • Rarity • Sweetie Belle • Twilight
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      Redwood Grass

      Redwood Grass Cover
      by Monochromatic There was a mahogany dining table in the Lady’s mansion, carved from ancient trees and kept intact with even older magic. It was long, quite long, the kind to seat a gathering of twelve or more. The dining room that housed it was as grand as its table, every wall decorated with oil portraits of people—some prominent, some unknown, and all beautiful in some way. In their artistic design, in their color palette, or in their subject. There were three that stood out. The first was a portrait of Lady…
      MLP:FiM • Alt. Universe • Human • Romance • Sex • Celestia • Twilight
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      A Fancy Fleur

      A Fancy Fleur Cover
      by Monochromatic I wondered about her later that night, lying on the bed of one of the Carousel’s more expensive rooms, a thin silk bedsheet covering half my naked body as the tips of my fingers toyed with a pink crystal hanging from my neck. I wondered about my mysterious stranger and her gaze that had frightened and enraptured me, her strange equations and the haunting words she’d offered me. I wondered if perhaps she wondered about me too. “What are you thinking about, my dear?” I turned my gaze and…
      MLP:FiM • Alt. Universe • Human • Romance • Sex • Fleur de Lis • Rarity
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      In Loving Memory

      In Loving Memory Cover
      by Monochromatic There is a bench in King’s Pike station whose beautiful green paint has been replaced with crimson rust. On this bench is a plaque commemorating a young boy found frozen to death on it about a century ago. It is the bench I listlessly sat on for hours on end the day I last saw Lady Celestia, and fittingly enough, it was the bench I sat on when Twilight Sparkle and I met for the very first time, two days before her lesson with my sister. We waited for the inner-city train, she and I, both…
      MLP:FiM • Alt. Universe • Human • Romance • Sex • Rarity • Twilight