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      The Class

      The Class Cover
      by Monochromatic Twilight was concerned, to say the least. She crossed the gravel streets with firm, quick steps, again clutching the outdated map Flint insisted on giving her every time she stepped out. Though she made an effort to smile and greet passersby, her brilliant mind was distracted by the very simple fact she hadn’t the faintest idea on how to give a class. How could she, when she had yet to receive one herself? This was the thought that hounded her, whispered in her ear until she turned right on…
      MLP:FiM • Alt. Universe • Human • Romance • Sex • Pinkie Pie • Rarity • Sweetie Belle • Twilight
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      Redwood Grass

      Redwood Grass Cover
      by Monochromatic There was a mahogany dining table in the Lady’s mansion, carved from ancient trees and kept intact with even older magic. It was long, quite long, the kind to seat a gathering of twelve or more. The dining room that housed it was as grand as its table, every wall decorated with oil portraits of people—some prominent, some unknown, and all beautiful in some way. In their artistic design, in their color palette, or in their subject. There were three that stood out. The first was a portrait of Lady…
      MLP:FiM • Alt. Universe • Human • Romance • Sex • Celestia • Twilight
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      In Loving Memory

      In Loving Memory Cover
      by Monochromatic There is a bench in King’s Pike station whose beautiful green paint has been replaced with crimson rust. On this bench is a plaque commemorating a young boy found frozen to death on it about a century ago. It is the bench I listlessly sat on for hours on end the day I last saw Lady Celestia, and fittingly enough, it was the bench I sat on when Twilight Sparkle and I met for the very first time, two days before her lesson with my sister. We waited for the inner-city train, she and I, both…
      MLP:FiM • Alt. Universe • Human • Romance • Sex • Rarity • Twilight
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      Empty Cups and Empty Chairs

      Empty Cups and Empty Chairs Cover
      by Monochromatic It is rather simple to deduce what’s missing based on what’s been left behind. A second toothbrush in the bathroom of an old woman’s apartment. A baby’s bib and other such things hidden away in the closet of a quiet couple with sad eyes. A jewelry box under the bed of the local lady’s man, and a dusty engagement ring beneath it. A bracelet hanging on the doorknob of a locked door. In the few days Twilight had been living in Lady Celestia’s mansion, she had… not seen things, no,…
      MLP:FiM • Alt. Universe • Human • Romance • Sex • Celestia • Twilight
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      The Little Girl

      The Little Girl Cover
      by Monochromatic In the perfectly ideal world that Twilight Sparkle thought she lived in, she reached her destination without any delays or any inconveniences and was back in the mansion in less than an hour. In the world Twilight actually lived in, she got absolutely lost. She walked and walked and walked, her map effortlessly floating before her, and the more she walked, the more lost she felt. The map—a worn-out thing Flint had fetched from inside an old desk—was doing little to help, as well. Words…
      MLP:FiM • Alt. Universe • Human • Romance • Sex • Rarity • Sweetie Belle • Twilight
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      The Mansion

      The Mansion Cover
      by Monochromatic As she stepped out of the carriage and onto the gray driveway, my dear beloved laid her eyes on Lady Celestia’s mansion for the very first time. In person, that is. She’d seen it before in photographs, and once in a fantastic illusion conjured by the Lady herself upon visiting the Sparkle family house. A mesmerizing show of sorcery and projection, and soon enough, a young girl was staring in awe at a dollhouse-sized three-dimensional building. It was the day magic and knowledge became her…
      MLP:FiM • Alt. Universe • Human • Romance • Sex • Celestia • Twilight
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      Soup Cover
      by Monochromatic Neither of them spoke. Only the town did. It coughed through a stallion walking past them, his body wrapped in layers of warm clothes. It sang through the three carolers standing outside the restaurant’s gates, ignoring the annoyed glances coming from nearby patrons. It cried and laughed and lived through the endless symphony created by ponies living their lives that December afternoon. But it was quiet when it came to Twilight Sparkle and Sweetie Belle. There they sat on an outside table, as…
      MLP:FiM • Romance • Slice of Life • Sweetie Belle • Twilight
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      Neither of them spoke

      Neither of them spoke Cover
      by Monochromatic During a simple winter day lunch with Twilight Sparkle, Sweetie Belle learns there’s a lot she doesn’t know about her sister.
      MLP:FiM • RariTwi • Romance • Slice of Life • Sweetie Belle • Twilight
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