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      The Meeting Outside Ponyville

      by Monochromatic A crisp wind chilled Twilight Sparkle, her wings rustling at her side. Truthfully, she would have liked this meeting to happen inside Carousel Boutique, where she would be warm, but fitting a dragon inside there was, well, impossible.  So, there they all were instead—they being herself, Princess Luna and Cadance, Pinkie, Applejack, as well as Spike and Rainbow—all gathered in a prairie on the outskirts of Ponyville. Rarity had stayed back in the boutique to work, under the promise Twilight…
      MLP:FiM • Alt. Universe • Romance • Cadance • Celestia • Luna • Main 6 • Rarity • Twilight
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      1. Rewinding Time

      by Monochromatic Going back in time to see her friends one last time wasn’t a decision Twilight Sparkle took lightly. After all, it had taken a couple of centuries for her to finally fall into temptation, and then another entire century of studying and analyzing all the potential risks before she even dared consider embarking on the journey. How foolish she had been before, thinking that missing somepony was a thing one just stopped doing after a while — or centuries, in her case. Even during the night of the…
      MLP:FiM • Romance • Sad • Main 6 • Rarity • Twilight
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      Take two, darling

      by Monochromatic One might say Rarity liked to stare at Twilight Sparkle. One might also be incorrect. Rarity the unicorn never stared, thank you very much. She was a lady. She admired and appreciated the immense beauty of her beloved, just as she happened to be doing at that very same moment. When she giggled, Twilight looked up from her book and towards her. “Huh? Did you say something?” “No,” Rarity said. She quickly changed her mind. “Well. Yes, I suppose. I…
      MLP:FiM • Comedy • Romance • Slice of Life • Main 6 • Rarity • Twilight
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      Together we sang, I’m ready now

      by Monochromatic I. My dear Twilight Sparkle, I’d hoped to speak with you on the train to your Coronation. Or perhaps not. I’m not entirely sure what I would have said, too busy finishing your dress, too busy delicately pushing it all away. In truth, if the girls hadn’t come along, if things had gone as planned, I don’t believe I would have said a thing. I would have kept it a secret. And we know a thing or two about secrets, don't we, darling? This unspoken desire that started so long ago, on…
      MLP:FiM • Romance • Slice of Life • Main 6 • Rarity • Twilight
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      Not On My Watch

      by Monochromatic “I’m nervous.” Rarity looked up from her makeup bag and towards the flustered Twilight Sparkle, who was only thirty minutes away from leaving Carousel Boutique and trotting off to her date. It wasn’t often that Twilight asked somepony out on a date, and as such, Rarity had decided that she simply had to intervene. After all, as Twilight's most fabulously fashionable friend, it was her celestial duty to aid the poor unicorn. “Nervous? Don’t be silly,” she replied, looking…
      MLP:FiM • Slice of Life • Main 6 • Rarity • Twilight
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      Something isn’t right.

      by Monochromatic “I have to admit this is kinda weird,” Twilight Sparkle said, readjusting herself on the picnic mat for the umptenth time, offering an awkward smile at… well, herself. It had been several hours already since she’d met her counterpart, but she felt she’d never get used to it. “But it is fascinating, though! Why do you think you need glasses and I don’t?” Twilight, the human one, laughed timidly, adjusting said glasses. “I don’t know? Maybe it has to do with our… er… natural forms,…
      MLP:EQG • Comedy • Slice of Life • Main 6 • Main 7 (EQG) • Pinkie Pie • Pinkie Pie (EQG) • Twilight
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      by Monochromatic “Do you think relationships matter?” The question floated into the air like a feather on the breeze. Floating, and floating, and floating and hoping to land somewhere that made sense. Twilight’s eyes followed the invisible query, her back on the bed and her friend’s chin on her stomach. Did things ever matter, she wondered. “What?” asked Pinkie, a frown marring her face. “What’d you mean?” “I don’t know,” said Twilight. It was just a thought, she thinks a second…
      MLP:FiM • Sad • Slice of Life • Luna • Main 6 • Spike • Twilight