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    TEL + TEK are now live on the website!

    Hi, everyone!

    Finally, after a bajillion months, I’m stoked to announce that The Enchanted Library and The Enchanted Kingdom are finally LIVE on the website!!!

    Finally, you can start your re-read of TEL and TEK that you were totally planning on doing, and revisit the fabled fanfiction that made some people go, “oh, hey, raritwi is okay, I guess”!

    Finally, for the first time ever, unless you have the physical version of the book, you can go and reread GHOSTBUSTERS HONSE EDITION!

    Relive your favorite moments like: 

    > Rarity going into the library and being like 
    >>“holy shit is this place haunted?? No, ghosts aren’t real” 
    >>and then a ghost appearing and being all “HEY THIS IS MY HOME, WHY ARE YOU HARSHING MY VIBE WHILE I’M NOT PROCESSING MY TRAUMA”

    > Twilight being like “hey, rarity, i know this camera cost you 50million bits but i disassembled it, lol sorry” 
    >>“you WHAT” 
    >>“it’s okay!!! I invented Instagram filters, we’re good!!!” 
    >>“Twilight, what the HELL is Instagram???”

    > that part where Rarity and Fluttershy have to fight a timberwolf and
    >> Fluttershy’s like “rarity… golly gosh goshity…. what will we do”
    >> and rarity’s brandishes a can of bug spray and says, “darling have you ever seen me hit something like a piñata well now you will” 

    > The amazing love confession where Twilight’s like “RARITY WHY WOULD YOU PUT YOURSELF IN DANGER FOR ME??” 
    >>and Rarity’s like “BECAUSE!!” 
    >>and Twilight’s like “YOU IDIOT, YOU CLOWN, BOBO THE FOOL” 
    >>and Rarity’s like “Well, sorry for wanting to save the pony i LOVE!!!” 
    >>and Twi’s like “the pony you what??”
    >> and the reader is like “OH MY GODDDD”
    >> and I was like “OH MY GODDDD”

    > that part where Rarity visits the changelings and theyre like
    >> “oh my god a pony?? Everyone act natural”
    >> and then Rarity’s like “wow they don’t know anything about pony culture”
    >> and then they’re like “hello FELLOW PONY, what NORMAL PONY thing do we do to greet you into our NORMAL pony town”
    >> and Rarity’s like “lmao lol lmao ok”

    And then all the TEK stuff, but I’m tired now, so I won’t recap that, I’m sorry.

    So yes!!

    Did you always want to leave comments, but hated that other people had also commented?? Well, if you hurry, you will be FIRST!!! Reread these amazing, best-selling, award winning stories as if it was the first time, and be like that one dude that said “man, kinda bummed this is raritwi” and then commented again during the curse arc to say “NO, MONO, BRING THE RARITWI BACK”.

    The possibilities!!! They’re endless!!!!

    Thank as always for supporting me <3

    – Mono


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    1. mellodillo
      Mar 19, '22 at 1:16 pm

      big brain moment: being the first to comment, not on the TEL books, but on the TEL announcement post

    2. ShadowLDrago
      Mar 19, '22 at 1:14 pm

      Mono, go to sleep.

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