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      The Last Train Home
      by Monochromatic ???. The Last Train Home In the book of Rarity's life, Twilight Sparkle was its beginning, is its middle, and will be its end. Rarity knew this for a fact, and she would not have it any other way.  She always did love Manehattan. She loved the city lights, the trends, and the ponies who seemed to live on a different plane of time, if that made sense. It was the city where time went as fast or slow as one’s life. It had been before she was and would continue to be after she was…
      MLP:FiM • Romance • Slice of Life • Rarity • Twilight
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      ‘Til The Streets Bleed Like Our Hearts

      Crimson Lips
      by Monochromatic Dear friend. It has been a while, hasn't it? Or, at the very least, it certainly feels like it has for me. It certainly felt like it had for me, after that day. You do remember, do you not? Twilight Sparkle, who I loved like life itself, had ended our friendship, and in the days that followed, not much else mattered. Days felt like months to me, long and tortuous and as painful as the illness that plagued my heart. And my body. As such, I want to ask a favor of you. An indulgence,…
      MLP:FiM • Alt. Universe • Human • Romance • Sex • Celestia • Luna • Rainbow Dash • Rarity • Twilight
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      1. Rewinding Time

      by Monochromatic Going back in time to see her friends one last time wasn’t a decision Twilight Sparkle took lightly. After all, it had taken a couple of centuries for her to finally fall into temptation, and then another entire century of studying and analyzing all the potential risks before she even dared consider embarking on the journey. How foolish she had been before, thinking that missing somepony was a thing one just stopped doing after a while — or centuries, in her case. Even during the night of the…
      MLP:FiM • Romance • Sad • Main 6 • Rarity • Twilight
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      2. Dramatics and Confessions

      by Monochromatic It was an unbreakable, unbendable and unavoidable law of the universe that, when Rarity called, Twilight Sparkle would always answer. And nothing could have prepared her for the wave of emotions that drowned her at seeing the unicorn again. She could only stare at her, completely at a loss for words. Rarity, a few feet away, looked at Twilight with her head tilted to the side. She looked nothing like how Twilight remembered her. She remembered an elderly pony with a grey mane tied in a bun, a…
      MLP:FiM • Romance • Sad • Rarity • Twilight
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      20/20 Eyesight

      by Monochromatic Twilight Sparkle has to grapple with the awful fact that the only reason she didn’t know Princess Rarity was practically blind is because glasses apparently aren’t fashionable.
      MLP:FiM • Alt. Universe • Comedy • Slice of Life • Rarity • Twilight
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      3. Fortuna Favet Rarity

      by Monochromatic Rarity was never one to arrive early to catch a train. No, she was the type of pony to spend hours packing, finishing barely in time to leave Carousel Boutique and arrive to the station fifteen minutes before departure time. That Friday, though, was a special occasion. For the first time in a very long time, Rarity hadn’t taken with her every single thing that came to mind, instead packing only the bare necessities. She had been too distracted by her thoughts to even bother with her usual…
      MLP:FiM • Romance • Sad • Rarity • Twilight
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      4. Pandoras Speech

      by Monochromatic The passing of time did not exist for Rarity the unicorn as she sat in Fortuna 3, listening with endless fascination to the many tales that Twilight weaved for her. For the past few hours, nothing existed except for her, the lavender mare and two cups of delicious hot chocolate. Taking a sip from her cup, Rarity learned that for almost a century, Twilight and Princess Luna had held yearly Nightmare Night tours of The Castle of the Two Sisters for the students in Ponyville. She had not been surprised…
      MLP:FiM • Romance • Sad • Rarity • Twilight
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      5. Kill Me Twice, Darling

      by Monochromatic Everything was perfect — this was Twilight’s all-consuming thought as she and Rarity exited the theatre room. For the first time in forever, Ponyville’s princess felt utterly and blissfully happy. Everything was going along so great, in fact, that she almost felt worried about how everything was going too perfectly. There had to be a catch. There always was. Of course, she was far too busy enjoying herself to dwell on what this ‘catch’ could be. When they entered the…
      MLP:FiM • Romance • Sad • Fluttershy • Rarity • Twilight